Luxury edition

Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, comes in an elegant, solid wooden mahogany-toned case with golden metal corner plating, a latch closing to the side, burned gold printed relief, 17 x 15 x 26 cm, red velvet lining. This luxury edition includes a beautiful book behind the lid of the box, which narrates the great achievements and most important moments of Sir Walter Raleigh’s life.

Historic bottle

From 1655 the British Royal Navy established that the crew of each of its ships must consume rum twice a day. The bottle designed for Sir Walte Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, recreates the original glass bottle in which English exporters began bottling Caribbean rum. The bottle keeps to its original green color used in the 16th century. The closing is made of Portuguese cork, with a wooden stopper making it easier to handle, properly sealed with thermo-shrinkable material to prevent tampering.

Original book

This luxury edition of Sir WALTER RALEIGH, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, includes a beautiful book, Discovering the wealthy, great and elegant pirate of El Dorado, by the writer Luis Britto García, who narrates the most important moments and great feats of Sir Walter Raleigh’s life. A documented and pleasurable read to learn about the dreams and conquests of the grand Lord of the seas, as you enjoy this magnificent Ultra Premium rum to its fullest.