An exclusive limited edition rum, made for a select group of individuals.

Luxury Edition

An elegant and original packaging that stands out in any rum collection.
Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™’, aged 21 years, luxury edition is a collectible item which is part of a limited production of 5,000 units. The bottle is placed in an elegant mahogany-colored solid wooden box, lined with red velvet, with gold-toned corner plating and latch, designed in France especially for the brand’s launch. This unique collectible packaging received a Gold Medal in the Miami International Rum Conference in 2019.

Historic Bottle

An original bottle design inspired by the first rum containers used during the early 17th century.
The bottle was designed exclusively for the limited collector’s edition for the launch of Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, aged 21 years. The design recreates the original glass bottle used to store the first rums produced in the Caribbean during the early 17th century. It is a special patented design for our brand, made with semi-artisanal techniques, which preserves the original green color used in the 17th century, providing an original and historical element which adds a unique value that goes hand in hand with the exclusivity of our high-end rum.

Wooden Top

Closed with the best Portuguese cork with an elegant wooden top.
Elegant and ergonomic, the wooden top used for Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, is made with the best cork brought from Portugal and a solid wooden head decorated with the brand’s monogram in gold. The wooden stopper made in Mexico exclusively for the brand received a Gold Medal at the Miami International Rum Conference in 2019.

Original Book

An exclusive book that narrates the life of the individual which inspired our rum.
The luxury edition of Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, aged 21 years, is accompanied by a special edition book entitled: “Discovering the rich, great and elegant pirate of El Dorado”, that gives account of Sir Walter Raleigh’s most outstanding feats throughout his life, in a literary style reminiscent of Old British English. Researched, written and designed in Venezuela by specialists in the history of Caribbean pirates, this book is made up of a series of short stories about the most important moments in Sir Walter Raleigh’s life, accompanied by a series of historical images carefully curated to help tell the story of the greatest adventures of this historic personality.