The Rum

Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, 21 years old, is an artisanal rum born from the selection of the best sugarcane, a meticulous fermentation of its honeys, a controlled distillation of the purest alcohols, an aging process in American white oak barrels, blended by our master rum master with art and patience to achieve the finest, most authentic and unique Caribbean rum.

The Secret Behind the Cane

Produced with the best sugarcane grown in Panama.

Panama is known for producing one of the best sugarcanes due to its optimal climatic conditions, as well as the benefits of the microclimate and the handling of the cane for its processing, an excellent raw material is obtained for the production of rum.

In order to produce Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, we use Caribbean Creole cane, Saccharum Officinarum, selected and cultivated in soils with volcanic origin which contains a high mineral content,

irrigated with pure spring water used to reach a higher concentration of sugars and achieve the superior quality that characterizes our rum and can only be achieved in the Caribbean terroir.

Prior to harvesting, carried out between January and the beginning of May each year, the sugarcane undergoes a maturation process of 18 months. An important part of the cane is cut manually, and then transferred in less than 30 minutes to the mill to begin the extraction process of the molasses.


Distilled in highly specialized copper columns.

After a 36-hour process of molasses fermentation, using yeasts specially developed by our Master Blender, the distillation process begins.

The distillation of the molasses used for the production of Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, aged 21 years, brings together a strong sensory richness, which is then refined during the distillation process which takes place in copper columns manufactured by American Copper and Brass Works, dating back to the year 1922.

The use of copper during the distillation process is of the utmost importance since its natural antimicrobial qualities assist in the purification process of the alcohols.

Time and Wood

Made with blends aged for at least 21 years.
The elegance and complexity of Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, 21 years, are developed through aging and wood, the result of a patient and monitored maturation process of the alcohols used to blend our rum, which range from 21 years up to 35 years of aging, where they rest in American white oak barrels. It is at this stage where the characteristic aromatic profile of our rum thrives. Our Master Blender preserves the complexity of the mixtures through continuous aging, which implies that the replacement of the reduced amount that evaporates naturally in time from each barrel, is carried out every 6 months with mixtures of barrels from the same batch. In other words, from the initial 1,000 barrels, 211 barrels remain after aged 21 years. Only the highest quality rums manage to age properly over the years.

The Art of Blending

An Ultra Premium sipping rum.
Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, aged 21 years, is an exclusive product that is produced from sugar cane molasses, following Panamanian rum regulations, placing aged 21 years on the label to indicate the minimum age of the blends used. Our Rum Master, considered one of the best in the world, has deep knowledge of the content of each barrel and works patiently to select the finest blends, where with his experience and inspiration he extracts the best from each one, until achieving the final blend that results in a unique product of Ultra Premium quality, reaching an exceptional sipping rum which was awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition held in London in its 2020 edition.

The Rum Master

A world-renowned Master Blender.

Filled with knowledge and experience with over 50 years dedicated to the manufacturing and development of rums, Chemical Engineer and Microbiologist specialized in fermentations, the person in charge of the distillation and blending process of Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, 21 years, is the Master Don “Pancho” Francisco Fernández. Over the years he has developed products for many different companies and markets worldwide, always seeking to sustain traditional and artisanal principles.

Born in Cuba, he was Director of Development for Havana Club in Cuba for 30 years, later becoming Master Blender. He played an important role in the modernization of the rum industry in Cuba during the 1970s. After being a part of Varela Hermanos in Panama, along with his team, he finally fulfilled his own operation by transforming the Las Cabras Distillery also in Panama, to what it is today.

Due to his important work and lifetime career, Don Pancho was awarded Best Master Blender at the International Rum Conference held in Madrid, Spain in 2012.


Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, aged 21 years, an award-winning rum.
Starting out in the world of international high-end rum and spirits competitions, Sir Walter Raleigh, Ron Antiguo del Caribe™, aged 21 years, has received accolades for its blending, closure and packaging. Having participated in the International Rum Conference in Miami 2019, the packaging and wooden stopper received Gold Medals for Best Closure and for Best Packaging, an unprecedented double award in said competition. The following year, our rum was awarded a Bronze Medal with a score of 89 pts/100pts in the 2020 edition of the International Wine and Spirits Competition held in London, having participated in the category of rums produced from molasses, distilled in column stills, aged over at least 15 years.